F.A.Q. : Program Funding Procedure

Application form :

  • How much can be subsidized? Funding is determined by…
    • Type of activities
    • Program under which application is submitted
    • Type of priority (KRETC, ESUMA)
    • Available budget
    • Experience with how the promoter followed up on previous files.

What costs can be funded?

Can be included: Cannot be included
-Allowances (unemployed trainees)
-Wages (job creation)
-Training costs
-Travel costs
-Other costs, if applicable
-Purchase of equipment
-Replacement salaries
-In-house trainers  

Funding process

  • Application received
  • Letter of Acknowledgement from Program Officer
  • Evaluation
  • Recommendation
  • Approval from KRG

Documents required to open a file…

  • Incorporation documents (first time applicants)
  • Duly filled out application form
  • Complete budget details for the project
  • Training plan (if applicable)
  • Job posting (if applicable)
  • Other funders or partners (if applicable)
  • ** Other documents may be required by the Program Officer to complete the file.

How long is the process?

  • Normally if all required documents have been submitted, a file will be processed within 4 to 6 weeks. However, this delay can be longer for the following reasons:
    • If all appropriate documents and details are not provided
    • If an application exceeds $50,000, it will need to be approved by the KRG Executive Committee
    • If an application exceeds $200,000, it needs to be approved by the KRG Regional Council (which meets 4 times a year).

Process of a file…

  • Application/Approval
  • Signed contract by both parties (Coordinator and KRG)
  • Submit claims
  • Process payments
  • Closing the file
  • Additional forms/documents:
    • Completed Schedule C Forms
    • Completed Activity Reports