ESUMA – Winter Update

ESUMA, in collaboration with its partners, is proud to launch its sixth edition of School Perseverance Days (SPD 2021), which will take place throughout the region from February 15 to 19, 2021. This year, the campaign’s theme is “Learning is my journey. Your support helps light my way.”

School Perseverance Days is a province-wide campaign aimed at encouraging parents, organizations and the community to join forces in showing their support for educational success. Students learn by example, so let us inspire them to succeed through our actions, big or small.


Here are a few elements that will be part of this year’s Nunavik edition of SPD:

  • ESUMA will be mailing Nunavimmiut a specially designed decal. This sticker will be easy to install on most smooth surfaces and can be removed safely at any time. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to send our youth a clear message of support as a community by displaying them proudly.
  • Every Nunavik school will receive SPD 2021 promotional items such as temporary tattoos, masks, hats and notebooks to distribute to staff and students depending on their age.
  • Northern Villages will have access to ESUMA funds to organise a community-oriented event to celebrate the success and perseverance of local community members.
  • ESUMA’s social media platforms will be holding special activities including challenges with interesting information and exciting prizes.

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The ESUMA team