Increased contribution for General and Non-profit Programs

1) Increase to General Projects

In response to the impact that the Covid-19 pandemic is having on employment in Nunavik, our department is offering the following to Nunavik communities to maintain employment opportunities for students and residents of Nunavik:

  • Challenge Program funded at 100% (instead of the usual 50% contribution rate), with a maximum amount of $15/hour, within the program criteria.
  • General Projects Program funded at 100%, with a maximum rate of $20/hour, within the program criteria.
  • The funding contribution will be in place for this fiscal year, from April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021.

2) Increase to non-profit organizations

To encourage the development and sustainability of Nunavik community-based non-profit organizations and programs, the SED is offering specific criteria and significant funding to contribute towards job creation and training initiatives that will help the community to socially develop.

The non-profit organizations must offer community services that provide social development towards the well-being of community members. Examples:

Family houses, youth centers, homeless shelters, Inuit associations, women’s associations, regional youth councils, etc.

Criteria for community-based non-profit organizations

  1. Duration, within the fiscal year (April 1 to March 31), and applications must be received before the start of activities.
  2. Wage costs, first 2 years’ contribution up to 100% for new positions, up to 52 weeks, 40 hours/week, maximum rate of $20/hour.
  3. Wage costs, after first 2 years, same criteria as with other job-creation programs (up to 156 weeks), 60% (year 3), 50% (year 4) and 40% in final year.
  4. Mandatory employment-related costs (MERC), based on a total percentage representing the current rates paid by the promoter, as established by federal and provincial governments (16.5%).
  5. Training preparation and coordination, and trainer fees, 100% but still within program criteria (in-house trainers ineligible).
  6. Purchase of equipment, exceptions made based on needs for purchase of small office equipment.
  7. Training material, for training purposes.  Can include creation of operational documents in the fist year of operation (HR-related matters, operational procedures, and translations of those specific documents).
  8. Facility and equipment rental.
  9. Travel, lodging and meals, for training activities.
  10. Other costs, Elder honorariums based on Kativik Regional Government rates.


General program inquiries

Given the circumstances, it is expected that many Nunavik organizations and businesses may require additional support with regard to employment and training. If that is the case for your organization, do not hesitate to contact the Sustainable Employment Department’s (SED’s) Programs Section for support in finding effective solutions to labor force issues. The best way to contact us is to send your inquiries to our general email address:

Bridget Saunders, Team Leader, Programs, is in charge of making sure that each request is dispatched to the appropriate program officer, ensuring a timely follow-up. Bridget has been a key member of the Programs teams since 2013. She has been with KRG for 21 years. She is also an extremely reliable first contact within the Programs section, as her years of experience have imparted her with sound knowledge of program procedures.